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Grandissima Gravita (SACD)

Grandissima Gravita (SACD)

Grandissima Gravita (SACD)

Performer: Rachel Podger, Brecon Baroque
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: DSD128 (dsf tracks)
Label: Channel Classics
Release: 2017
Size: 5.43 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Antonio Vivaldi:
01. Sonata for violin and continuo in A major op 2 no 2

Giuseppe Tartini:
Sonata for violin and continuo in A minor op 2 no 5
02. Andante Cantabile
03. Allegro
04. Allegro assai

Francesco Maria Veracini:
Sonata for violin and continuo in G minor op 2 no 5
05. Adagio assai
06. Capriccio
07. Allegro assai
08. Giga

Johann Georg Pisendel:
Sonata for violin and harpsichord in C minor
09. Adagio
10. Presto
11. Affetuoso
12. Vivace

Francesco Maria Veracini:
Sonata No. 12 for violin and continuo in D minor op 2 no 12 (Sonate Accademiche)
13. Passagallo
14. Capriccio cromatico
15. Adagio, Ciaccona

16. Encore: ‘Suonata a solo fatto per il Maestro Pisendel’ del Vivaldi in C minor: Adagio in E flat major

Recorded: September 2016, St. Judes on the Hill, Hampstead, London

Superbly performed and recorded as you would expect, this is a very fine collection of some intriguing and entertaining works. Bringing out the best of four musicians, the sound created is full and colourful, from sparkling harpsichord, thrumming lute and support for the bass line from the cello, Rachel Podger’s virtuoso violin has plenty of substance over which it can sing and declaim with joyous expressiveness. (…) this is some of the best Baroque period music making currently available on this particular planet.

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